• Photo of Joanne Nucho
    Joanne Nucho
    Research/Interest: Urban Anthropology, Infrastructure and Political Sectarianism, Lebanon, Violence and Conflict, Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Film, Migration and Displacement.
  • Photo of Bindehswari Aggarwal
    Bindehswari Aggarwal
    Research/Interest: Hindi
  • Photo of Sinan Antoon
    Sinan Antoon
    Research/Interest: Arabo-Islamic culture; classical and modern Arabic poetry; the modern Arabic novel; the Arabic prose-poem; Iraqi politics
  • Photo of Zvi Ben-Dor Benite
    Zvi Ben-Dor Benite
    Research/Interest: Global History, Early Modern and Modern Chinese History, Asian and European Islam, Religion and World History, Middle Eastern History, History of Geography, Arab-Jewish and Mizrahi History
    Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, Zvi Benite, History
  • Photo of Ilona Ben-Moshe
    Ilona Ben-Moshe
    Research/Interest: SLA curriculum design and implementation; Language education policies and planning; Student and program evaluation; Incorporating culture studies in language teaching.
  • Photo of Ilona Ben-Moshe
    Ilona Ben-Moshe
    Research/Interest: SLA curriculum design and implementation; Language education policies and planning; Student and program evaluation; Incorporating culture studies in language teaching.
  • Photo of Benoit Challand
    Benoit Challand
    Research/Interest: Political sociology, Arab politics, religion and identity, and social theory
  • Photo of Peter J. Chelkowski
    Peter J Chelkowski
    Research/Interest: literature, mysticism, Islamic studies and performing arts of the Middle East.
  • Photo of Pam J. Crabtree
    Pam J. Crabtree
    Research/Interest: Zooarchaeology, Medieval Archaeology, later Prehistoric Europe, Near Eastern Archaeology and prehistory.
  • Photo of Lorenzo d'Alfonso
    Lorenzo d'Alfonso
    Research/Interest: social, juridical, and political history of Syria and Anatolia under the Hittite Empire and during its aftermath (16th-7th centuries BC)
  • Photo of Martin Daughtry
    Martin Daughtry
    Research/Interest: ethnomusicology; acoustic violence; music of the Russian-speaking world; music and politics; voice; listening; sound studies
  • Photo of Robert Dry
  • Photo of David Engel
    David Engel
    Research/Interest: Modern Jewish political history; History of the Jews in Eastern Europe; the Holocaust
  • Photo of Sibel Erol
    Sibel Erol
    Research/Interest: Turkish Language; role of writing in teaching language; the uses of literature in language teaching; the novel; nationalism; women authors; postmodernism; masculinities; film
  • Photo of Yael S. Feldman
    Yael S. Feldman
    Research/Interest: Hebrew and Comparative Literature and History of Ideas, Bible to Modern; literary theory; gender and cultural studies; psychoanalytic criticism; secularism and nationalism
  • Photo of Ahmed Ferhadi
    Ahmed Ferhadi
    Research/Interest: Second Language Acquisition; Sociolinguistics; Language Testing and pedagogical applications of technology.
  • Photo of Daniel E. Fleming
    Daniel E. Fleming
    Research/Interest: Assyriology; Hebrew Bible interpretation and cultural history; ancient Syria; Emar; ancient religion; interplay of ancient Near Eastern societies
  • K. E. Fleming
    Research/Interest: religion, nationalism
    K Fleming, History
  • Photo of Finbarr Barry Flood
    Finbarr Barry Flood
    Research/Interest: Art and architecture of the Islamic world, Cross-cultural dimensions of Islamic material culture, Theories and practices of image-making, Technologies of Representation, Art historical historiography, methodology, and theory, Orientalism
  • Photo of Charles Freilich
  • Photo of Michael Gilsenan - On Leave AY 14-15
    Michael Gilsenan - On Leave: AY 14-15
    Research/Interest: Anthropology and sociology of Islam; history and anthropology, narrative theory; anthropology of power and violence; urban studies; cultural representation.
  • Photo of Ogden Goelet
    Ogden Goelet
    Research/Interest: Religion and history of ancient Egyptian culture.
  • Photo of Michael Gomez
    Michael A. Gomez
    Research/Interest: Islam, Slavery, Social and Cultural Formation
    Michael Gomez, History
  • Photo of Bruce Grant
    Bruce Grant
    Research/Interest: Former Soviet Union, Siberia, the Caucasus; cultural history and politics; religion.
  • Photo of Hala Halim
    Hala Halim
    Research/Interest: modern Arabic, English and Anglophone literatures; postcolonial theory; cosmopolitanism; Mediterraneanism and Levantinism; South-South comparatism; Nahda and comparative modernities; Translation Studies; travel literature; globalization; urban cultures
  • Photo of Amani Hassan
    Amani Hassan
    Research/Interest: Arabic
  • Photo of Stephen Holmes
    Stephen Holmes
    Research/Interest: Normative theory
  • Photo of Asli Igsiz
    Asli Igsiz
    Research/Interest: Nineteenth and twentieth-century literary cultures and cultural representation in the Ottoman State, Turkey, Greece, and France; cultural history and memory; minority cultures, cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism; governmentality; forced migration; comparative methodologies; multidisciplinary epistemologies.
  • Photo of Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
    Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
    Research/Interest: gender and pragmatics in Hindi and Sanskrit, Medieval Indian poetics, historical Indo-Aryan linguistics, foreign language pedagogy
  • Rosalie Kamelhar
    Research/Interest: Hebrew Language
  • Photo of Deborah Kapchan
  • Photo of Marion Holmes Katz - On Leave AY 14-15
    Marion Holmes Katz - On Leave AY 14-15
    Research/Interest: My research interests revolve primarily around issues of Islamic law (shari'a), gender, and ritual.
  • Photo of Philip F. Kennedy - In Residence at NYU Abu Dhabi
    Philip F. Kennedy - In Residence at NYU Abu Dhabi
    Research/Interest: Medieval Arabic language and literature; classical poetry and poetics; adab; narrative and fiction; recognition/anagnorisis in literature; Qur'an and Tafsir
  • Photo of Arang Keshavarzian
    Arang Keshavarzian
    Research/Interest: Comparative politics of the Middle East; political economy; modern Iran, Persian Gulf; transnationalism, imperialism; urban politics
  • Photo of Aisha Khan
    Aisha Khan
    Research/Interest: Caribbean, Latin America, race and ethnicity, religion (particularly obeah, Islam, Afro-Atlantic religions), theory and method in diaspora studies, creolization.
  • Photo of Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami - On Leave Fall 2014
    Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami - On Leave Fall 2014
    Research/Interest: Modern Persian fiction; Computer-based language training
  • Photo of Masha Kirasirova
    Masha Kirasirova
    Research/Interest: Mediterranean World / Atlantic World; 20th-Century Middle East; Socialist Internationalism; Soviet Cultural and Political History; Central Asia; Cold War; Orientalism; Transnational History
  • Photo of Zachary Lockman
    Zachary Lockman
    Research/Interest: Modern Middle Eastern history.
  • Photo of Irshad Manji
    Irshad Manji
    Research/Interest: Reform in Islam, Islam in America, Islamic feminism
  • Photo of Adina Marom
    Adina Marom
    Research/Interest: Modern Hebrew Language and Culture; Linguistics; Modern Hebrew Literature
  • Pascal Menoret
    Research/Interest: Mediterranean and Indian Ocean World; Modern Middle East; Saudi Arabia; Urbanism; Social Anthropology; Resistance and Protest Movements
  • Photo of Lauren Minsky
    Lauren Minsky
    Research/Interest: South Asia; Indian Ocean; World; Agrarian Environments; Global Public Health; History of Science, Technology and Medicine
    Lauren Minsky
  • Photo of Ali Mirsepassi
    Ali Mirsepassi
    Research/Interest: Iranian intellectual history, political Islam, modern Islamic thought, and sociology of religion
  • Photo of M. Ishaq Nadiri
    M. Ishaq Nadiri
    Research/Interest: Economics of technology, productivity and economic growth, investment theory and modeling.
  • Photo of Nahid Mozaffari
    Nahid Mozaffari
    Research/Interest: Modern Middle Eastern history, modern Iranian history, constitutional movements in the Middle East, intellectual history, history of slavery, and social history (19th-20th centuries) in the Middle East.
  • Photo of Tahira Naqvi
    Tahira Naqvi
    Research/Interest: Urdu language and literature, South Asian literature, translation, language pedagogy
  • Photo of David O'Connor
    David O'Connor
    Research/Interest: Ancient Egyptian art history and archaeology; Ancient Nubia art history and archaeology.
  • Photo of Patton Burchett
    Patton Burchett
    Research/Interest: South Asian religions; Hindu Devotion (Bhakti) and Tantra; Magic (magic/science/religion); Yoga; Human Rights and Religion; the Dalit movement in modern India; Transgression, asceticism, and emotion in religious praxis.
  • Photo of Leslie Peirce
    Leslie Peirce
    Research/Interest: early modern Ottoman history, gender, law & society, comparative empires
  • Photo of Asli Peker
  • Photo of Nathalie Peutz
    Nathalie Peutz
    Research/Interest: Cultural anthropology; states, citizenship, and migration; globalization; conservation and development; heritage; protected areas; Middle East; Yemen, Somalia
  • Maurice Pomerantz
    Research/Interest: Premodern Arabic Literature
  • Photo of Beate Pongratz-Leisten
  • Daniel T. Potts
    Research/Interest: Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, Mesopotamia, Arabian Peninsula.
  • Photo of Jonas Prager
    Jonas Prager
    Research/Interest: Privatization, banking regulation.
  • Photo of Ann Macy Roth
    Ann Macy Roth
    Research/Interest: Ancient Egyptian society and religion, particularly in the early periods; gender, royalty, wealth, and rank as expressed in architecture and art; archaeology of cemeteries
  • Photo of Everett K. Rowson
    Everett K. Rowson
    Research/Interest: Medieval Islamic literature; law; theology; gender and society.
  • Photo of Barnett Rubin
  • Photo of Lawrence H. Schiffman
    Lawrence H. Schiffman
    Research/Interest: Dead Sea Scrolls; Jewish religious, political, and social history in late antiquity; the history of Jewish law and Talmudic literature.
  • Photo of Shaheen, Jack
    Jack Shaheen
    Research/Interest: Media Studies, Film, Popular Culture, Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims, Arab-American Studies
  • Photo of Adam Shatz
    Adam Shatz
    Research/Interest: US policy in the Middle East; political Islam; Israel/Palestine, Algeria, Egypt; the art and politics of Middle East reporting
  • Photo of Ella Shohat - Returning Fall 2015
    Ella Shohat - Returning Fall 2015
    Research/Interest: Arab-Jews and Memory; Representation of Palestine and Israel; Hebrew Mizrahi Literature and Cinema; Iraqi Culture; Arab-American and Arab Diasporic Studies; Media/Cultural Studies; Visual Culture; Gender Studies; Postcolonial Studies.
  • Photo of Siamdoust, Nahid
    Nahid Siamdoust
    Research/Interest: Political implications of cultural production in Iran and the Middle East, The impact of new media on culture and society in Iran and the Middle East, Media and popular culture in Iran and the Middle East, The public sphere in the Middle East, Subcultures in Iran and the Middle East
  • Photo of Mark S. Smith
    Mark S. Smith
    Research/Interest: Bible; Israelite religion and culture; Ugaritic literature and religion; Hebrew grammar; Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Photo of Kostis Smyrlis
    Kostis Smyrlis
    Research/Interest: Byzantine empire, 9th to 15th century; economic history; emperor and subjects; state finances; law and land ownership; diplomatics
    History, Kostis Smyrlis
  • Priscilla Soucek
    Research/Interest: Islamic art and architecture
  • Photo of Justin Stearns
    Justin Stearns
    Research/Interest: Medieval and Early Modern Middle East and North Africa, Iberia, Islamic Intellectual History
  • Helga Tawil-Souri
    Research/Interest: Middle East and Arab media, contemporary Palestinian culture and politics, ethnographic film-making
  • Photo of Nader K. Uthman
    Nader K. Uthman
    Research/Interest: Arabic Language, Literature & Culture; Comparative Literature; Poetics of Exile and Displacement; Arabic Pedagogy; Translation
  • Photo of Rita P. Wright
    Rita P. Wright
    Research/Interest: Urbanism; state formation; gender relations; the ancient Near East, and South Asia.
  • Photo of Muserref Yetim
  • Photo of Edward Ziter
    Edward Ziter
    Research/Interest: 19th-century British theatre and popular entertainment, Romantic drama, the history of acting, Arab theatre
  • Photo of Ronald W. Zweig
    Ronald W. Zweig
    Research/Interest: History of British mandate, state of Israel and modern Jewish history
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