• Photo of Adina Marom
    Adina Marom
    Research/Interest: Modern Hebrew Language and Culture; Linguistics; Modern Hebrew Literature
  • Photo of Bindehswari Aggarwal
    Bindehswari Aggarwal
    Research/Interest: Hindi
  • Photo of Ann Macy Roth
    Ann Macy Roth
    Research/Interest: Ancient Egyptian society and religion, particularly in the early periods; gender, royalty, wealth, and rank as expressed in architecture and art; archaeology of cemeteries
  • Photo of Sinan Antoon
    Sinan Antoon
    Research/Interest: Arabo-Islamic culture; classical and modern Arabic poetry; the modern Arabic novel; the Arabic prose-poem; Iraqi politics
  • Photo of Battesti, Vincent
    Vincent Battesti
    Research/Interest: Environmental and ecological anthropology, North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco) and the Middle East (Egypt, Yemen, and the Sudan), oases and agriculture.
  • Photo of Pongratz-Leisten, Beate
  • Photo of Zvi Ben-Dor Benite
    Zvi Ben-Dor Benite
    Research/Interest: Global History, Early Modern and Modern Chinese History, Asian and European Islam, Religion and World History, Middle Eastern History, History of Geography, Arab-Jewish and Mizrahi History
    Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, Zvi Benite, History
  • Photo of Benoit Challand
    Benoit Challand
    Research/Interest: Political sociology, Arab politics, religion and identity, and social theory
  • Photo of Peter J. Chelkowski
    Peter J Chelkowski
    Research/Interest: literature, mysticism, Islamic studies and performing arts of the Middle East.
  • Photo of Pam J. Crabtree
    Pam J. Crabtree
    Research/Interest: Zooarchaeology, Medieval Archaeology, Later prehistory of Europe and the Middle East, Anglo-Saxon England.
  • Photo of Martin Daughtry
    Martin Daughtry
    Research/Interest: ethnomusicology; acoustic violence; music of the Russian-speaking world; music and politics; voice; listening; sound studies
  • Photo of David Engel
    David Engel
    Research/Interest: Modern Jewish political history; History of the Jews in Eastern Europe; the Holocaust
  • Photo of Dermot Gately
    Dermot Gately
    Research/Interest: Applied microeconomics, energy economics.
  • Photo of Robert Dry
  • Photo of Erie, Matthew S.
    Matthew Erie
    Research/Interest: Areas of Research: Legal and political anthropology, law and society, Islam in China, Islamic law, Muslim minorities, secularism, Sufism, property, corruption
  • Photo of Sibel Erol
    Sibel Erol
    Research/Interest: Turkish Language; role of writing in teaching language; the uses of literature in language teaching; the novel; nationalism; women authors; postmodernism; masculinities; film
  • Photo of Yael S. Feldman
    Yael S. Feldman
    Research/Interest: Hebrew and Comparative Literature and History of Ideas, Bible to Modern; literary theory; gender and cultural studies; psychoanalytic criticism; secularism and nationalism
  • Photo of Ahmed Ferhadi
    Ahmed Ferhadi
    Research/Interest: Second Language Acquisition; Sociolinguistics; Language Testing and pedagogical applications of technology.
  • Photo of Daniel E. Fleming
    Daniel E. Fleming
    Research/Interest: Assyriology; Hebrew Bible interpretation and cultural history; ancient Syria; Emar; ancient religion; interplay of ancient Near Eastern societies
  • K. E. Fleming
    Research/Interest: religion, nationalism
    K Fleming, History
  • Photo of Flood, Finbarr Barry
    Finbarr Barry Flood
    Research/Interest: Art and architecture of the Islamic world, Cross-cultural dimensions of Islamic material culture, Theories and practices of image-making, Technologies of Representation, Art historical historiography, methodology, and theory, Orientalism
  • Photo of Charles Freilich
  • Photo of Michael Gilsenan - On Leave AY 14-15
    Michael Gilsenan - On Leave: AY 14-15
    Research/Interest: Anthropology and sociology of Islam; history and anthropology, narrative theory; anthropology of power and violence; urban studies; cultural representation.
  • Photo of Ogden Goelet
    Ogden Goelet
    Research/Interest: Religion and history of ancient Egyptian culture.
  • Photo of Michael Gomez
    Michael A. Gomez
    Research/Interest: Islam, Slavery, Social and Cultural Formation
    Michael Gomez, History
  • Photo of Bruce Grant
    Bruce Grant
    Research/Interest: Former Soviet Union, Siberia, the Caucasus; cultural history and politics; religion.
  • Photo of Hala Halim
    Hala Halim
    Research/Interest: modern Arabic, English and Anglophone literatures; postcolonial theory and alternative modernities; autobiography, autoethnography, and travel writing; theory and practice of translation; cosmopolitanism, globalization, gender, and the city.
  • Photo of Amani Hassan
    Amani Hassan
    Research/Interest: Arabic
  • Photo of Stephen Holmes
    Stephen Holmes
    Research/Interest: Normative theory
  • Photo of Igsiz, Asli
    Asli Igsiz
    Research/Interest: Nineteenth and twentieth-century literary cultures and cultural representation in the Ottoman State, Turkey, Greece, and France; cultural history and memory; minority cultures, cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism; governmentality; forced migration; comparative methodologies; multidisciplinary epistemologies.
  • Photo of Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
    Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
    Research/Interest: gender and pragmatics in Hindi and Sanskrit, Medieval Indian poetics, historical Indo-Aryan linguistics, foreign language pedagogy
  • Photo of Ilona Ben-Moshe
    Ilona Ben-Moshe
    Research/Interest: SLA curriculum design and implementation; Language education policies and planning; Student and program evaluation; Incorporating culture studies in language teaching.
  • Photo of Ilona Ben-Moshe
    Ilona Ben-Moshe
    Research/Interest: SLA curriculum design and implementation; Language education policies and planning; Student and program evaluation; Incorporating culture studies in language teaching.
  • Photo of Jonas Prager
    Jonas Prager
    Research/Interest: Privatization, banking regulation.
  • Photo of Kapchan, Deborah
  • Photo of Marion Holmes Katz - On Leave AY 14-15
    Marion Holmes Katz - On Leave AY 14-15
    Research/Interest: My research interests revolve primarily around issues of Islamic law (shari'a), gender, and ritual.
  • Photo of Philip F. Kennedy - In Residence at NYU Abu Dhabi
    Philip F. Kennedy - In Residence at NYU Abu Dhabi
    Research/Interest: Medieval Arabic language and literature; classical poetry and poetics; adab; narrative and fiction; recognition/anagnorisis in literature; Qur'an and Tafsir
  • Photo of Arang Keshavarzian
    Arang Keshavarzian
    Research/Interest: Comparative politics of the Middle East; political economy; modern Iran, Persian Gulf; transnationalism, imperialism; urban politics
  • Photo of Aisha Khan
    Aisha Khan
    Research/Interest: Caribbean, Latin America, race and ethnicity, religion (particularly obeah, Islam, Afro-Atlantic religions), theory and method in diaspora studies, creolization.
  • Photo of Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami - On Leave Fall 2014
    Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami - On Leave Fall 2014
    Research/Interest: Modern Persian fiction; Computer-based language training
  • Photo of Masha Kirasirova
    Masha Kirasirova
    Research/Interest: Mediterranean World / Atlantic World; 20th-Century Middle East; Socialist Internationalism; Soviet Cultural and Political History; Central Asia; Cold War; Orientalism; Transnational History
  • Photo of Zachary Lockman
    Zachary Lockman
    Research/Interest: Modern Middle Eastern history.
  • Photo of d'Alfonso, Lorenzo
    Lorenzo d'Alfonso
    Research/Interest: social, juridical, and political history of Syria and Anatolia under the Hittite Empire and during its aftermath (16th-7th centuries BC)
  • Photo of M. Ishaq Nadiri
    M. Ishaq Nadiri
    Research/Interest: Economics of technology, productivity and economic growth, investment theory and modeling.
  • Photo of Irshad Manji
    Irshad Manji
    Research/Interest: Reform in Islam, Islam in America, Islamic feminism
  • Pascal Menoret
    Research/Interest: Mediterranean and Indian Ocean World; Modern Middle East; Saudi Arabia; Urbanism; Social Anthropology; Resistance and Protest Movements
  • Photo of Lauren Minsky
    Lauren Minsky
    Research/Interest: South Asia; Indian Ocean; World; Agrarian Environments; Global Public Health; History of Science, Technology and Medicine
    Lauren Minsky
  • Photo of Mirsepassi, Ali
    Ali Mirsepassi
    Research/Interest: Iranian intellectual history, political Islam, modern Islamic thought, and sociology of religion
  • Photo of Mozaffari
    Nahid Mozaffari
    Research/Interest: Modern Middle Eastern history, modern Iranian history, constitutional movements in the Middle East, intellectual history, history of slavery, and social history (19th-20th centuries) in the Middle East.
  • Photo of Tahira Naqvi
    Tahira Naqvi
    Research/Interest: Urdu language and literature, South Asian literature, translation, language pedagogy
  • Photo of Nucho, Joanne
    Joanne Nucho
    Research/Interest: Urban Anthropology, Infrastructure and Political Sectarianism, Lebanon, Violence and Conflict, Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Film, Migration and Displacement.
  • Photo of David O'Connor
    David O'Connor
    Research/Interest: Ancient Egyptian art history and archaeology; Ancient Nubia art history and archaeology.
  • Photo of Patton Burchett
    Patton Burchett
    Research/Interest: South Asian religions; Hindu Devotion (Bhakti) and Tantra; Magic (magic/science/religion); Yoga; Human Rights and Religion; the Dalit movement in modern India; Transgression, asceticism, and emotion in religious praxis.
  • Photo of Leslie Peirce
    Leslie Peirce
    Research/Interest: early modern Ottoman history, gender, law & society, comparative empires
  • Photo of Asli Peker
  • Photo of Nathalie Peutz
    Nathalie Peutz
    Research/Interest: Cultural anthropology; states, citizenship, and migration; globalization; conservation and development; heritage; protected areas; Middle East; Yemen, Somalia
  • Maurice Pomerantz
    Research/Interest: Premodern Arabic Literature
  • Daniel T. Potts
    Research/Interest: Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, Mesopotamia, Arabian Peninsula.
  • Photo of Ronald W. Zweig
    Ronald W. Zweig
    Research/Interest: History of British mandate, state of Israel and modern Jewish history
  • Rosalie Kamelhar
    Research/Interest: Hebrew Language
  • Photo of Everett K. Rowson - On Leave Fall 2014
    Everett K. Rowson - On Leave Fall 2014
    Research/Interest: Medieval Islamic literature; law; theology; gender and society.
  • Photo of Barnett Rubin
  • Photo of Lawrence H. Schiffman
    Lawrence H. Schiffman
    Research/Interest: Dead Sea Scrolls; Jewish religious, political, and social history in late antiquity; the history of Jewish law and Talmudic literature.
  • Photo of Shaheen, Jack
    Jack Shaheen
    Research/Interest: Media Studies, Film, Popular Culture, Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims, Arab-American Studies
  • Photo of Ella Shohat - Returning Fall 2015
    Ella Shohat - Returning Fall 2015
    Research/Interest: Arab-Jews and Memory; Representation of Palestine and Israel; Hebrew Mizrahi Literature and Cinema; Iraqi Culture; Arab-American and Arab Diasporic Studies; Media/Cultural Studies; Visual Culture; Gender Studies; Postcolonial Studies.
  • Photo of Mark S. Smith
    Mark S. Smith
    Research/Interest: Bible; Israelite religion and culture; Ugaritic literature and religion; Hebrew grammar; Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Photo of Kostis Smyrlis
    Kostis Smyrlis
    Research/Interest: Byzantine empire, 9th to 15th century; economic history; emperor and subjects; state finances; law and land ownership; diplomatics
    History, Kostis Smyrlis
  • Priscilla Soucek
    Research/Interest: Islamic art and architecture
  • Photo of Justin Stearns
    Justin Stearns
    Research/Interest: Medieval and Early Modern Middle East and North Africa, Iberia, Islamic Intellectual History
  • Helga Tawil-Souri
    Research/Interest: Middle East and Arab media, contemporary Palestinian culture and politics, ethnographic film-making
  • Photo of Nader K. Uthman
    Nader K. Uthman
    Research/Interest: Arabic Language, Literature & Culture; Comparative Literature; Poetics of Exile and Displacement; Arabic Pedagogy; Translation
  • Photo of Rita P. Wright
    Rita P. Wright
    Research/Interest: Urbanism; state formation; gender relations; the ancient Near East, and South Asia.
  • Photo of Muserref Yetim
  • Edward Ziter
    Research/Interest: 19th-century British theatre and popular entertainment, Romantic drama, the history of acting, Arab theatre
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