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Flowers and Still Life, Dina Matar (Acrylic on Canvas, 2010)

Memory Metamorphosis

Friday, December 9, 2016, 5:00 p.m.

The Hagop Kevorkian Center, 255 Sullivan Street


Featuring a live performance by musicians Suhel Nafar and Omnia Hegazy

Memories establish a connection between personal and collective past, heritage and history. Remembering can bring things together and help give shape to identity that has been fragmented by displacement and diasporic living. There are well over 6 million Palestinians living in diaspora  (including non-refugee diaspora Palestinians, the figure is between 9 and 11 million worldwide). Most were displaced or expelled over the past 68 years by war and occupation. When a people’s history, culture and existence are being altered or erased, holding onto their memories and passing them down can be seen as an act of resistance.

MEMORY METAMORPHOSIS will explore, execute and preserve diasporic memory through various art forms (e.g. painting, photography, performance).  Each piece in the exhibition is inspired by interviews conducted by Kevorkian MA students with U.S.-based Palestinians about their memories of home. 


Mohammed Al Hawajri (Mixed Media Artist, Gaza)
Marguerite Dabaie (Illustrator, New York)
Rula Halawani (Photographer, Jerusalem)
Omnia Hegazy (Musician, New York)
Suhel Nafar, (Musician, Filmmaker and Motion Graphics Artist, New York/Lyd)
Dina Matar (Painter, Gaza)
Jacqueline Reem Salloum (Artist and Filmmaker, New York)


Jalaa Abdelwahab
Suad Amiry
Rev. Khader N. El-Yateem
Isa Qasim
Anwar Mohammed Yousef
Sumaya Yousef


Miray Cakiroglu, MA NES ’18
Aristo Fatwan, MA NES ’17
Mone Makkawi, MA NES ’17
Yasmeen Mobayed, MA NES ’18
Fatima Mohie-Eldin, MA NES ’18
Loubna Mrie, MA NES ’18
Suhel Nafar, Kevo Artist in Residence, Fall 2016
Saba Naseem, MA NES ’18
Ada Petiwala, MA NES ’17
Greta Scharnweber
, Associate Director, Hagop Kevorkian Center, NYU
Jacqueline Reem Salloum, Kevo Artist in Residence, Fall 2016
Layla Quran, MA, NES/Glojo ’17
Kasper van Laarhoven, MA NES/Glojo ’17


Light refreshments will be served.