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Greta Scharnweber

Associate Director

M.A. Arab Studies 2001 (Culture and Society), Georgetown University
M.A. Religious Studies 1999 (Islamic Studies), University of Colorado, Boulder
B.A. Religion/Anthropology 1997, Kenyon College




In addition to grantwriting, reporting, and office management, Greta organizes academic programs on the Middle East for faculty, students, teachers, journalists, and the general public at NYU. She has been involved in outreach to educators since the late 90s, first as a graduate student in the MA program at Georgetown in Arab Studies, later as the outreach coordinator at Yale's Council on Middle East Studies, and now the Hagop Kevorkian Center. Since joining NYU in 2008, she has curated a Saturday Seminars for teachers series focused on the MENA region and has organized intensive courses for educators on topics such as The Multilayered Lives of Muslim Women; The Politics of Water, Media and the Middle East, and Revolts in the Arab World. Her seminars often include a field study component in the region, most recently including tours of the Jordan River Valley and Uzbekistan. She has lived in Morocco, Kenya, and Egypt, and has traveled widely throughout the Middle East and Islamic world. She holds an MA in Arab Studies from Georgetown University, an MA in Religious Studies from University of Colorado, and a BA in Religion from Kenyon College.

Updated on 09/09/2015